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Gayle Russell McCauley, Founder

Gayle received her BA in Biology and Pre-Med from California State University Northridge in 2000. She continued her Graduate level education at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She discovered Pilates in 2003, almost by accident and fell in love with it’s perfection. Pilates combined everything she loved—science, the human body and anatomy, endorphins, positivity, rehabilitation, and a strong structure—into one fabulous package. It was an instant love and passion. For Gayle, teaching Pilates invigorates, energizes and drives her. She has completed three comprehensive Pilates training programs. After she opened Hardcore Pilates, she had the pleasure of training under Rael Isacowitz of Body Arts Science International (BASI) in his Comprehensive Program and participated in his Mentor Program. Most recently, she moved to Northern California to become a mother of two beautiful children who keep her super busy, challenged and whole. She continues to commute to the studio in Woodland Hills part time to guest teach, trains a few professional athletes based in San Francisco and practices Pilates regularly to keep her own body feeling it’s best.


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